first entry back home.

May 30, 2008 at 8:38 pm (Uncategorized)

i realise i haven’t updated for a LONG time. my apologies.

it’s now day 7 of my holiday back home. it feels extremely good to be home, despite some minor glitches here and there. this time, i’ve been such a good girl. i’m home most of the time, and when i go out, it’s either to town to run errands for the powers that be at home (aka mum & dad), do my duties as a girlfriend and hang out with the boyfriend or to marvin’s house to see my nephew, ezra. i haven’t been hanging out with my friends a lot and i feel bad. but being home is such a luxury and i just want to enjoy every minute of it…cos in about a week’s time, i’m going to go back to hell. and i’m not happy about that.

so forgive me if i find lounging at home on the couch surfing through channels on astro more appealing than hanging out in some coffee shop somewhere in town.

i havent exactly been talking about the school where i’m currently doing my teaching practical. i’ll just sum it up in one word….CRAP. the school’s supposed to be a premier school of some sort. but the students are treated like little children (they have to queue up every time the bell rings after recess just to go back to class. walk two-by-two some more. WHATTHE. only kindy kids do that.) plus, the level of proficiency is just….atrocious. on my first day of sit in, the students asked me, “teacher, can you singing?”

to which i replied, “wah. so terrer you speaking. i no need to teaching you any more lah.”

of course, i corrected them after that. the teacher in me. pfft.

the teachers are alright. there’s particularly a number of teachers who are really nice. one even gave me a mug because i was using a plastic cup to drink my oats every morning. “plastic not good lah girl!” she said, and gave me a new mug the next time. but only some of them are nice. there are one or two nasty ones which jey and i just choose to ignore most of the time. occasionally we bitch about them in bhs swak but most of the time, we just grin and bear it all with a smile. being trainees means that we can be given any job or shit that they find troublesome and we have no right to complain about doing it for them. sabar jak lah. mentang-mentang we’re just trainees. who speak better English and prolly teach better than they do. but. yeah. sabar jak lah.

on our first day, both jey and i got whipped by the PK1. not literally lah but you get it.. we were late, and came in during office hours. “this is a school! not an office! who says schools start office hours??”

ngaiti. scary okay. it was like being scolded by my mum, jey said. yes that’s scary.

but we managed to explain to her that we just got confused by the different information given to us as to what time we should report to the school. and the kerani is such a bitch. throughout the whole debacle she merely looked at us with a smirk on her face. from then on, everytime we need something done or everytime we have a question (which we sometimes have to ask her cos she’s the freakin’ kerani who’s supposed to know everything there is to know about the school.), she’ll just answer in that i-couldn’t-care-less tone of hers “hah? apa? tak tau lah.” and most of the time, she just looks at us with a smirk on her butt of a face.


you’re a freakin’ KERANI. boh mok eksen gilak bah. pandei pun sik. dahla mala jak whining everytime masuk office. boring bahh nenga kau whine whine whine ngek ngek ngek like a baby. gahh! pisses me off like crazy.


as you can tell, i don’t quite like certain things about the school. but it’s only been 2 weeks. i’ll either find more things to hate, or discover some things to love.

Gawai’s coming and i’ll be away in my kampung to celebrate Gawai old-skool style. that means lots of barbequed meat, curry, cheap liquor, tuak, bad karaoke of iban songs, and endless repetition of whatever “hit” iban song the people are crazy about currently.

that SO beats being back in school doing my practical. ngahaha. cheers, people. have a good holiday.


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what grinds my gears.

May 7, 2008 at 1:16 pm (bitchin) ()

you know what really grinds my gears? (peter griffin in “Stewie Griffin: The untold story”, 2005)

people who call themselves educators and preach about the importance of respect; and yet they don’t practice what they preach. you waste every breath bitching about university students who do not greet their lecturers and those who are older, and yet when you get a bunch of well-mannered and well-taught students (ahem) who greet you, all you give them is a blank and sulky look on your face.

do you really think you look good with that look on your face? all you look like is a cantankerous orang utan.

(image taken from

we greeted you. the least you could’ve done was acknowledge our existence with a simple nod of the head or give us a slight curve on your lips that normal people call a smile. you know. that thing you do when people do something nice like….greet you? right. you don’t know what a smile is. i’m sorry. my mistake.

it really grinds my gears because you’re in a faculty that is churning out teachers every year, producing individuals who will then carry that very same tradition to schools. do you want all our teachers to turn into cranky, grumpy farts who don’t smile and acknowledge their students when they’re being greeted? so much for a friendly and low-risk environment in school eh?

you insist on the university being the place where individuals acquire life skills such as interpersonal communication. i don’t think sulking and wearing a grouchy look on your face 24/7 will give these individuals the right idea of what good interpersonal communication should be.

when people greet you, acknowledge them by smiling back or returning the greeting. when people talk to you and ask you a question, listen and pay attention, and see how you can help the person; not look at them like they’re carrying some kind of killer disease that can be transmitted to you just by looking at them. when people say ‘thank you’ to acknowledge that you’ve helped them, return the kindness by saying simple things like “my pleasure” or “you’re welcome”.

things like these are common courtesy and should be ingrained in every individual. so stop being such a sulky bitch of a man and smile once in a while.

boh mala jak emo and molah orang sak ati nangga muka kau. because you’ll end up looking like this one day:
(image taken from

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handbags and gladrags.

May 5, 2008 at 11:49 pm (random) ()

i don’t really feel like talking about uni stuff now. so i’ll just talk about what i love best (next to good food of course…)

i’m a sucker for handbags. the only thing stopping me from collecting handbags is the fact that i can’t afford to buy too many of them. like many hobbies, it can be quite expensive. especially when the ones i like happen to be the expensive ones. mum says i cannot afford my taste (no, really?). “you’re always spending my money buying things you cannot afford,” she would say. what she doesn’t get is the feeling you get after purchasing something that is worth every cent. i know you can get a bag that is as nice at a cheaper price, but it’s just not the same anymore, is it? (and i am by no means suggesting that everybody should splurge on a bag that costs you half a year’s allowance.. really. i love bags and all, but i’m still practical and level-headed.)

Gryson’s “Sydney” Bag
i’ve never liked handbags with long sling straps before, but i’ve been wanting one since last year. out of the blue, yes. i guess i got tired of hobo bags and tote bags. i just love the look that a handbag with a long strap gives you. so chic!

Marc by Marc Jacobs Softy Messenger Bag
this marc jacobs softy messenger bag is out of this world! it’s simple and yet the design is so intricate, it makes the bag pop and stand out.

Miu Miu Ruched Frame Bag
and this has got to be my most favourite look so far..and the fact that it’s a Miu Miu bag just doesn’t help. do you have any idea how much a Miu Miu bag costs?? don’t even go there. i just wish i can get my hands on some cheap knock-off or something to remedy my obsession for this bag! sigh. it’s purple. it’s gorgeous. it’s got character.

and of course, every girl has her obsession for shoes. the only difference is the degree of obsession. i must say my obsession for shoes is still under control because i don’t buy shoes on a whim and just because they look nice. i don’t know how long that will last though, haha..

recently i’ve had this sudden incline towards peep-toe flats. i had a vincci one before, i loved it so much that i outwore the poor pair of shoes til they were frayed at the sides. they’re now on vacation in my shoe closet at home.

Loeffler Randall Cinched Peep Toe Flats
because you can never have too many black shoes that will look great with just any outfit. owee.

Loeffle Randall’s Embossed Snakeskin Flats
this peep-toe flats has suede and leather lining which can only mean one thing: ultimate comfort. and trust me, the number one thing i look for in a pair of shoes is whether or not it’s comfy. and i just love the design. x)

the only sad thing is that it’s hard to find handbags and shoes that are half as nice with an affordable price. makes me wonder: is it fair that only the rich can afford to look good? sucks how the world works, eh?

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gotta love the internet.

May 4, 2008 at 2:07 am (Uncategorized)

24 hours of sitting in front of the laptop has its pros and cons.

pros: i downloaded a total of 28 episodes of different series today (Greek Season 1 Eps 1-16 – this series has a killer soundtrack. me like, me like!, Grey’s Anatomy eps 12 & 13, Gossip Girl 15 – oooh Georgieeeee, you’re such a bitch…ngarr!, American Idol eps 35 & 36, Scrubs Season 7 eps 5-10). i even downloaded two new movies.

cons: i’ve been reading the same chapter for Writing the entire day. WTH!

i feel slightly guilty.


anyway, to those of you who are looking for the tagboard, just look for the link on the side bar that says “Tagboard”. wordpress isn’t very tagboard-friendly :X but i still love wordpress. heee.

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He’s touching her body, alright…

May 3, 2008 at 3:22 am (random) ()

May 1, 2008 — “Touch My Body” singer Mariah Carey got secretly hitched to her 27-year-old boyfriend-of-one-month, shocking the chart-topping songbird’s family and friends, The Post has learned. Carey married little-screen actor Nick Cannon at the home Carey just bought in Eleuthera, the Bahamas, a source close to the singer said. — New York Post online.

Mariah is 38. Nick Cannon is 27. 11 years her junior. DAYMN! she’s joining the ranks of hollywood cradle snatchers. she mah nu hero now. :p

there weren’t any pre-nuptial agreements between the two because mariah reportedly didn’t want to sign one. what? woman, i know you’re rich and shit, but does that mean making a huge mistake like that?

let’s see how long this one lasts. but regardless of what happens, i’ll still love you mariah. nyeee.

p/s: so. wid. do we stick to calling her miss mimi or do we have to call her Madam Mimi now? hm.

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Protected: I don’t want to be unfair to Mr. Man.

May 2, 2008 at 9:01 pm (personal)

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once a procrastinator, always a procrastinator.

May 2, 2008 at 7:10 pm (Uncategorized)

when i woke up yesterday morning (ok, afternoon…), i said to myself, “today you’ll take a break. tomorrow you’ll start studying. OR ELSE.” so i went to bed last night without feeling any guilt because i made a promise to myself to devote the entire day today to studying.

my ass, lah.

i woke up this morning with a half-hearted desire to study. so i thought of the best distraction: SHOPPING. i roundup my troops and we drove down to Alamanda in search of household items for our rented house in Seremban. Alamanda’s Carrefour is by far the biggest disappointment of a hypermart i’ve ever been to. it’s a friggin hypermart, for crying out loud. but most of the racks are empty and not re-stocked, and most of the items have no visible pricing.

how to plan what to buy lah like that.

so after two apple pies and a small packet of fries later (for myself, of course..d’you really think 4 people would share two pies and a small packet of fries? please.), we decided to drive to Tesco to continue our search. we spent most of our time in the electronics and the household departments looking at washing machines, mini bars, exercises equipments… y’know, things that we don’t really need in our rented house. suffice to say, it was successful 😉 and we even bumped into Datin J who lives opposite my room! terkejut indah nangga i tek ho. hehehe. the girls all bought food to stock up for the next week. i didn’t buy that much and yet i managed to spend rm70. hmm.

i’m now feeling the effects of being sleep-deprived kicking in into my system. yalah. bala ompuan depan block ya bising2 sampei kol 2-3 pagi. sikit gik i mok tengking! perhaps tonight i shall do some studying. i cannot keep procrastinating! dahla time class bukannya mok pay attention. time exam pun sik mok blaja.

sigh. y’know what they say. once a procrastinator, always a procrastinator.

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i’ve finally succumbed.

May 1, 2008 at 4:24 pm (Uncategorized) ()

at some point or another, i would eventually succumb to the whole ‘blogging’ craze. so here it is. a resurrection of my old blog with the same name (but still the same crap, i promise.)

i kinda miss blogging. sure, it takes up a fair amount of time from my normal fast-paced exciting life *cough**snort*, but i think i’ll do better this time around. which means, more regular updates as opposed to my previous once-a-month-if-you’re-lucky blogs.

this will be purely personal. so, yes, there will be times when my rants or musings just don’t make sense. but that’s just how i roll. so be a good girl/boy, read, comment, and then do your homework cos mommy no like lazy kids.

speaking of being lazy, methinks i’ve spent enough time ‘re-charging’ my braincells after my 3rd exam paper which was on monday. i mean, i spent the past two days doing things which had no relation whatsoever to my next paper, which is, coincidentally, a core paper (ie. heavy subject lah.) rasa pandei lah sik blaja tek. i’ve been playing around too much this semester, and yes, i feel bad about it, yet somehow i feel like i don’t give two fucks. perhaps it’s caused by the feeling that ‘m merely going through the motion this time around. what would the parental unit say when my results come out at the end of this semester eh? iboh ambik kancil ya balit, udah…

i’m an aunt! yes, yes, this is old news but i’m still so excited. the nephew (da nephew, kata Shin..) is called Ezra Jeremiah Tersan, courtesy of Grandma Rock aka Mummy. Being an active churchgoer and a prominent figure at Church herself, mum figured that her first grandchild should be named after prophets, hence the name Ezra Jeremiah. Tersan is our family’s name (nama clan lah konon..) which my parents intend to preserve for generations, methinks. so instead of naming him Ezra Jeremiah Marvin Tersan, (Marvin’s my brother), he’s just Ezra Jeremiah Tersan. i kinda like the ring of it now. Ezra Jeremiah Tersan.

i think i’ll call him Jack.

so..yes, pictures! i’ll post some up once i figure this wordpress shit out. heh.

and i feel like smacking the girls across our dorm. ingat tok gik pukul 2-3 petang kah mok bising-bising, tetak-tetak kedak momok kinetok? dah pukul 12 lebih lah bodohhhhh. respect lah ngan org mok tido, paloiii. sekolah jak tinggi. tapi otak sik pakei. buang duit kerajaan!

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