world class.

February 16, 2009 at 1:20 pm (Uncategorized)

year after year we read about graduates who make the grade but don’t meet the expectations of the real world.

year after year, we get the same backlash from lecturers, telling us to pull our socks up and become “world-class” graduates.

year after year, we get the bad name, we get the blame.

oh how i wish they were all in the lecture hall this morning. then they’ll see the kind of ‘education’ those so-called ‘lecturers’ dish out to us students. instead of talking about the given topic, one lecturer spent an hour talking about his experiences studying abroad, emphasising the fact that he was given a scholarship by the said country he was studying in. he even made us copy effing notes on that. notes. on stupid minuscule things that had absolutely nothing to do with the topic. if we didn’t, he’d remind us what lucky bastards we were to bask in the presence of his glory because he normally gets paid half a thousand to teach outside. he was also busy making crude jokes, which, surprise surprise, had a majority of the class in stitches. and the cherry on top was showing what a chauvinistic pig he was by putting women down, mocking and mimicking them in front of the whole class. half the time, the lecturer and his fellow ‘academicians’ were laughing and giggling like little school girls. it was like watching a badly  rehearsed puppet show meant for pre-schoolers.

with such excellence and finesse in the teaching staff, how can we NOT churn out first class graduates who think globally and see beyond the horizon?


just two more months. and then i’m done with this dump. and i’m never sending my children here. EVER.



  1. M said,

    Yea, me too!

  2. kiah said,


  3. Walt said,

    Amai nyak, Fel.. Aku boring pan fed up dah engau mensia ke bakanya.. Bakani ka ngasuh orang bukai meet the standard if they themselves are very much !@#$$# .. hahaha

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