Whose junk am I reading?

i spend my days observing people with thoughts etched in my head.i voice many of them out, but many are filtered thoughts. i find myself an angrier person because i don’t have an outlet to vent.

so, yes. hence the creation of the blog. i need an outlet. i can’t keep ranting randomly to my significant other and letting him handle all the steam. i can be a bit too much that way.

read only because you want to. comment only because you feel like it. if by any chance my posts contain hurtful remarks, i can only apologise and nothing else. i’m not perfect. if i am, i might as well be God.

many of you already know who i am in the real world. i would appreciate it if we keep our conversations centered on more important things but the blog. it’s healthy to keep things balanced between the cyber world and the real world.

i am my mother’s daughter and my father’s partner in crime. i come from a state where freedom is what it really is despite being run by a man with his own world domination agenda. i’m stuck in a dump they call a national university because i have no other choices. if you say i think i’m too good for this place, you’re right. i AM too good for this place. in fact, many of you who are stuck in the same dump that i am are too good for this place as well.

but just one more year to go. we’ll do just fine.

my heart is taken by the most loving person i have ever met. at times, i still cannot believe the luck that i have and tend to screw things up just because i can. yes i’m twisted that way. despite all the craziness i put him through, i still love being in love with him. because i can be me. and i can ask for nothing more.

i have a life outside this cyber realm. i have real friends who tell me my new hair cut looks like shit and i look like a cat with a pomelo stuck on her head. i have real friends who will give me a kick in the ass for doing things that i shouldn’t do. i have real friends who walk over to my house in the middle of the day just to hang out and watch tv. i have real friends over the continent who will call, email, text, send cards/postcards/letters just to let me know they’re thinking of me regardless of the distance. i have real friends who call me up in the morning just because they feel like it. i have real friends who are real people with real, raw emotions. this means drama every now and then. as much as we hate to admit it, nobody can live without a bit of drama.

you’re reading my thoughts.. my random musings that at times won’t make sense. it will suffice to know that i do exist in the real world. but who i am does not matter. it’s what i write that does.


1 Comment

  1. K said,

    *sniff. this is like. a martin luther king i have a dream speech for me, man. love you, wish i can walk over to your house in the middle of the day to watch tv, mtv asia VJs are SO much cooler. not to mention hotter(:

    not as hot as you of course.

    right on, girlfriend!

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