what grinds my gears.

May 7, 2008 at 1:16 pm (bitchin) ()

you know what really grinds my gears? (peter griffin in “Stewie Griffin: The untold story”, 2005)

people who call themselves educators and preach about the importance of respect; and yet they don’t practice what they preach. you waste every breath bitching about university students who do not greet their lecturers and those who are older, and yet when you get a bunch of well-mannered and well-taught students (ahem) who greet you, all you give them is a blank and sulky look on your face.

do you really think you look good with that look on your face? all you look like is a cantankerous orang utan.

(image taken from Corbis.com)

we greeted you. the least you could’ve done was acknowledge our existence with a simple nod of the head or give us a slight curve on your lips that normal people call a smile. you know. that thing you do when people do something nice like….greet you? right. you don’t know what a smile is. i’m sorry. my mistake.

it really grinds my gears because you’re in a faculty that is churning out teachers every year, producing individuals who will then carry that very same tradition to schools. do you want all our teachers to turn into cranky, grumpy farts who don’t smile and acknowledge their students when they’re being greeted? so much for a friendly and low-risk environment in school eh?

you insist on the university being the place where individuals acquire life skills such as interpersonal communication. i don’t think sulking and wearing a grouchy look on your face 24/7 will give these individuals the right idea of what good interpersonal communication should be.

when people greet you, acknowledge them by smiling back or returning the greeting. when people talk to you and ask you a question, listen and pay attention, and see how you can help the person; not look at them like they’re carrying some kind of killer disease that can be transmitted to you just by looking at them. when people say ‘thank you’ to acknowledge that you’ve helped them, return the kindness by saying simple things like “my pleasure” or “you’re welcome”.

things like these are common courtesy and should be ingrained in every individual. so stop being such a sulky bitch of a man and smile once in a while.

boh mala jak emo and molah orang sak ati nangga muka kau. because you’ll end up looking like this one day:

(image taken from Corbis.com)


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