before the world ends

July 27, 2011 at 3:07 pm (random)

I figured I should blog before I never get the chance to do so ever again.

a few weeks back, I lost a dear friend to a car accident. it was unexpected and shocking, to say the least. close friends felt the lost.. there was, and still is, I’m sure, an immense feel of sadness and grief amongst friends. his friends flew in to see him one last time, no matter where they were. friends dropped whatever they were doing and rushed back for his wake and funeral. despite the grimness of the atmosphere, I felt the love that everyone had (and still have) for him. it was, suffice to say, quite inspiring.

Each day I pray for friends and his family to find the strength to get up and move forward. not to forget him but to move on with their lives, and face each day as if it’s their last. he would’ve wanted us to be strong. he would’ve wanted us to celebrate his life by living ours the best way we can. the best way to mourn for a person is not by crying that he died, but by remembering the great times that you’ve had together.

so here’s to you, Dennis Chua. may you rest in peace. thank you for blessing me with your friendship and everlasting smile.


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  1. ashnoggin said,

    Chicken Nut Bread. : )

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